Hair Care Favorites

Hey guys! Today I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite and everyday hair care products. As most of you know, I’m a licensed cosmetologist so my hair and the products I use are very important to me! Plus I always love talking about hair. I hope you get some tips/recommendations from this!

To give a little background, I have fine hair and I have medium to thin amount. I would say my hair is at best, average. My hair is very straight and has no natural wave to it. I color my hair quite frequently and am currently suffering from breakage due to it. I am currently a very light/white blonde. I achieved this fulling lightening my head and toning it with a Paul Mitchell Toner. When my roots grow out, I am planning on just doing a heavy foil weave process. My friends, Christina and Lyn, are usually the ones to do my hair. They are both licensed professionals and I would recommend going to a professional for this type of color process. My own natural color is a dark blonde. I have always been a blonde and being so it is not difficult to achieve this very light color being that my own color only has to lift a few levels. This makes it much easier to do this process. So with all that, I try really hard to keep my hair in good condition and to use products to help it.

Hair Cleansing and Conditioning

I love Joico Kpak Color Therapy shampoo.  It is an amazing product and helps a great deal with color treated hair and keeping it healthy and moisturized.  The Kpak line within itself is fantastic and always something I gravitate to. This shampoo and conditioner have changed my hair drastically. Since I am a blonde and I tend to like the more ashy blonde, a purple shampoo is a must. I recently just started using this one from Fanola and let me tell you, this is some strong stuff! It turns my hands purple! Purple cancels out yellow colors in hair and is great for people who want an ashy color to their hair. I’ve also heard great things about the Joico purple shampoo. Once in a while I will try a new product or grab something on sale at the beauty supply but I am generally always sad that I strayed from my favorites and go back to these products.  I typically wash my hair every other day or every two days depending and I use the purple shampoo about once a week.  It is healthier for the hair not to be washed every day and stripped of natural oils but if you tend to have an oily scalp you may need to do it more often. Each person and their body is different so find what works for you.

Leave Ins and Treatments

My favorite hair mask right now is Redken extreme Mega Mask. I use this either in the shower in place of my conditioner or I’ll wet my hair and leave it in for an hour at night as a mask. This mask contains a protein complex that helps repair broken protein in your hair. As you can see, I’m using a lot of products that contain protein because my hair is damaged. Another favorite of mine is the Redken Anti-Snap. This is from the same line as the mask and again contains protein that help repair damaged hair. After I shower and towel dry my hair, I will apply about 4 pumps of Anti- Snap to the mid shaft and ends of my hair. My hair is soft and easy to brush after this. I don’t recommend using this many protein products unless you frequently lighten your hair, too much protein can leave hair brittle and dry. But if you have breakage and damage to your hair, then it can really improve the state of your hair.


For myself it is a struggle to get volume and lift in my hair.  Being that it is so naturally straight I am always in search of adding body and fullness to my hair.  I do try many different products and I have yet to find one that is the holy grail.  I am still on the search.  But, in the meanwhile I do have one that works well and most definitely give my hair much more lift. The Redken High Rise Voluminizer. I use this when my hair on towel dried hair and focus the product on my roots. You only need a little, about the size of a nickel. Then I’ll brush through my hair again with a wide toothed comb. You have to be careful with this product because too much can leave your hair crunchy. If you have any recommendations for volume for fine hair, please leave it below!

Moisture and Shine

Since my hair is damaged right now, I have a lot of fly aways. My hair needs some good moisture. The It’s a 10 line is a great leave in for added moisture. I have used both the original and the plus keratin one. Another new favorite of mine is the Biosilk Silk therapy. It’s an oil that leaves your hair shiny without becoming greasy. I use this when my hair is still damp or when it’s dry. It calms those pesky fly aways and makes my hair look so healthy and shiny. On an average day, I only blow dry my bangs and let the rest air dry. Unless I’m in a real rush then I’ll blow dry the rest of my hair with a paddle brush.


Style and Finish

Most days, I won’t use any tools to style my hair. If I do, I use my one and one forth inch curling iron from hot tools to create soft waves. I tend to like it curled better because it is fuller and a little bouncier.  Soft waves are nice to give it some body and add texture versus having it be so straight but once in a while I wear it straight too! Once I have curled I finish with Big Sexy Hair Get Layered.  This spray adds slight hold but mostly adds texture and depth.  I feel it is kind of like a beach spray/hairspray all in one sort of product. When my roots are too clean and won’t hold a curl, I’ll use my Kenra dry shampoo. I use this in between shampoos as well. This adds some texture and grit into my hair and cleans up any extra oils that are in my roots.



I would love to hear your favorite products so leave me a comment below and let me know what you are loving right now!  Hopefully some of these products will be helpful to you and if you have any hair questions let me know in the comments or email me. Also if you have any topics you would enjoy seeing a blog post on please let me know!




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