Project Pan

Hi friends!

Today I’m going to be talking about a recent movement I discovered through Samantha Ravndahl via youtube. It’s called Project Pan and the idea is that you deliberately use up certain products in your stash or hit pan. Essentially getting your money’s worth.

The amount of makeup in my collection is both terrifying and joyful. I, like many others, am always wanting to try the next new thing that hits the market. But what about all the other stuff I’ve already purchased? So instead of buying the newest eyeshadow palette, I will be using what I have.

I’ve found through working in the hair and makeup industry, that we are incredibly wasteful. I’m not saying to use products that you hate, but I have a lot of stuff that I like but have forgotten about. So lets purge the makeup we won’t use and start using the stuff we have! I’ll post about what I’ve emptied soon.

Have you tried the Project Pan movement? What’s some of your favorite makeup brands? Let me know!


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